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Tom Vickers is a lifelong music lover who has always had a strong affinity for all types of music and the artists who create it.  Born and raised in Boston, he graduated from San Francisco State and started writing for Rolling Stone magazine, which culminated in being hired by P-Funk mastermind George Clinton in 1976.

From there he worked at major labels for close to twenty years as either a publicist, music publisher or A & R man. During this period, he was able to touch upon all areas of popular music - from rock to funk and R & B and on to Adult Contemporary and Pop as well as song scouting in Nashville.

 A man who has made music his life work, Tom brings a variety of skill sets to any music project as well as an incredible overview on the changes the music industry is currently undergoing. A “glass half full” optimism pervades Tom’s life and ability to see opportunities in the newly emerging Internet model that has supplanted the major label driven industry.  


Aside from the song knowledge I’ve acquired from years of making records, working with artists, setting up collaborations between songwriters and all the various skill sets required of ‘an A&R guy.’ I’m also a professional who instinctively looks for the good in what an artist is doing.

My goal is to take any artist I become involved with to the highest possible level of exposure and success.”
Tom Vickers