So why a coach and not a manager?
If Iím so skilled and well connected, you might ask, ďWhy donít you manage any of these acts you find?Ē  The answer is that Iíve never wanted to be a manager. Iíve been asked by many artists along the way to become their manager and have always refused. What I enjoy most is working with artists on the creative aspects of their career: that is, coaching them. A coach is someone who works to help the artist face the many creative challenges of starting and maintaining their career. Once the music is complete, there are additional issues that require attention and other decisions to be made. More and more artists today are managing themselves, which makes the idea of having someone serve as a coach even more sensible.

ďAs a coach, Iím someone who can make your music that much more exciting and compelling, and then help find an appreciative audience for it. I know enough of both the old model and the new emerging model in exposing artists, and until the hard-goods world of CDís is totally dead, itís wise to have one foot in each camp.Ē

What do I charge for this service?

Please understand that I donít take any and every artist or group that comes to me. Before building this website, I would get referrals from friends and industry contacts, and I would only take on a project if I felt a kinship to the artist and the music they were creating. If I hear your music and we meet or talk further, I need to know that you are not only serious about your music and career, but are open to developing it to the fullest extent possible. After we discuss your goals and aspirations, if you feel a rapport with me and vice versa, there is a cost attached to my involvement.

I have a number of fee structures that can fit most budgets, but again, I am not a free service. I am very cost and budget conscious, and first try and get your material up to the highest possible level, and then tackle the myriad of other tasks that need to be accomplished. I usually donít charge anything extra for expenses unless itís mutually agreed upon travel or situation that requires my involvement outside my home base in Los Angeles.

ďWhy me?Ē
My goal is to take any artist I become involved with to the highest possible level of exposure and success. Once your album is complete, I can further strategize with you to go forward into the world of playing in front of audiences and going out on the road. This is the hardest part of the whole equation. However, my resources within the world of booking agents, managers and merchandise providers can help you realize your dream of creative and commercial success.

ďIf you feel you want me to hear your music, send me MP3ís of your songs (no more than two), as well as a bio and any other information you feel is relevant. As an opening free service, I will listen to your material, give you a prompt response and let you know if I think we can work together productively. Because each artist is unique, I canít really ascertain what I can do for you until we go through this first step.Ē

Please donít, however, send me material unless you understand that this is not a free service Iím offering. Though I try to take every artistís financial situation into account and come up with an approach that will work for you, I wonít write a business plan for you or contact investors on your behalf until weíve agreed on terms that are mutually acceptable. Once weíve done so, you can rest assured that I will work tirelessly to strengthen your presentationóregardless of whether you choose to go the major-label or the D-I-Y route.

I look forward to hearing from you and hearing your music. Please feel free to contact me via Email at