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Tom Vickers, independent music consultant, chatted with USA Today readers about 'American Idol' earlier today.  Asked who his favorite of the remaining contestants, Vickers says, "I personally think that Clay is the most talented. He has a great voice, a great presence, and I could see him go very

The problem is that my understanding of the show is that even if a contestant is dropped from the show, they're still under the control of the production  company, so if they go on

“There's a large gap between the American Idol version of stardom and the broader  definition of music stardom. Most of these artists are singers, and singers are  singing other people's songs, whereas the artists that came up outside this show, like Petty (Tom Petty), write their material, form a band, and spend many years  touring and bulding an audience before they achieve stardom.” 
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to have a larger career in some way, shape or form the  production company that controls the show also controls their future”
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Tom Vickers, a former talent spotter for Capitol/Mercury records  said: "Rap has gradually degenerated from an art form into a ring tone. That's why we're seeing this backlash. There's only so much bling the public can  take."

“It was the summer of 1978, and the sun was rising over the broad sweep of the United Nations building in New York. As dawn’s first light banished the long shadows of night, Funkadelic’s George Clinton was standing in United Nations Plaza, watching the daily ceremony of the raising of the flags of all nations. Inspired by this awesome symbol of planetary unity, Clinton turned to one of his girlfriends and asked how she felt about it. ‘One nation under a groove’, she replied, sparking to life one of the most influential funk hits of all time.”
At least, that’s how it happened according to the normally reliable Billboard Book of Number One Rhythm & Blues Hits, which got its information from Tom Vickers, former ‘minister of information’ for funkmeister Clinton.

BECK: (Discussing American Idol) “Do you see a superstar in any of the contestants?  Yes or no and name. “

VICKERS: “Boy, that`s a tough one. Superstar. I would  say Taylor has a good long career in front of him. I don`t know about superstar.”  Read more...