Songwriting & music publishing

As a songwriter trying to succeed in the ever competitive world of music, realize that now more than ever the song is the most important component of your musical presentation.

I am no longer working actively with song writers and music publishers, so please do not send me your materials. Rather utilize the information contained in the media and interviews segment of this website to further educate yourself in both music publishing and songwriting.



Parliament Funkadelic Expert

Parliament and Funkadelic were the mind-blowing, soul-expanding musical equivalent of an acid trip. They grabbed the funk movement from James Brown and took off running.

I worked for P-Funk as a minister of information for five years from 1976 to 1981, which many consider it to be their heyday.


I have a vast archive of print record company memorabilia, photos, videos and other assorted rarities from the Funkadelic period. I allow the use of my archives to various record company reissues, video projects, and assorted media projects, including the recent Mike Judge program, “Tales from the Tour Bus”.